Recognizing the Symptoms of Grief

After the death of a loved one, those closest to the recently deceased person may begin to grieve at different times. Some people start grieving immediately, while others may not show any symptoms until days or even weeks after the funeral and burial services. Below you can read about the different symptoms of grief that you or your loved ones may experience following a loss.

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Emotional Symptoms

The emotion that most people associate with grief is extreme sadness. Though you are almost certain to experience sadness during the grieving process, you may also experience other negative emotions, including guilt, rage, worry, or frustration. All of these reactions are well within the normal range of grief symptoms.

Physical Symptoms

Grief can also manifest in tangible ways. During the mourning period, individuals may experience dramatic weight fluctuations. Some experience loss of appetite due to grief, while others may indulge in overeating of comfort foods in order to cope with their loss. You may also suddenly burst into tears, experience headaches and other pain, and have difficulty sleeping.

Social Symptoms

In the immediate aftermath of a loss, especially if the loss was sudden, some people may express their grief by withdrawing from social contact. You may suddenly or gradually stop seeing or speaking to friends with whom you once maintained intimate contact. You may also find yourself avoiding parties and other festive gatherings, or engaging in irrational and uncharacteristic behavior. Formerly reserved, shy individuals may act out, while extroverts may suddenly close up.

Mental Symptoms

On rare occasions, simple grief can lead to mental health problems if the individual cannot cope with the various feelings the loss has created. Suicidal thoughts and the inability to experience happiness are signs that grief may have progressed into clinical depression.

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