Funeral Employee of the Year, 2013 – Tony Munoz


Tony Munoz will stop at nothing to ensure a family’s memorialization of their loved one exceeds their expectations of perfection.  As a funeral arranger, Tony exhibits an intense desire to learn each facet of the trade and has truly been a pleasure to guide, observe and work alongside.  Each day he works diligently to better himself in the profession, while educating himself on the path to licensure. 

Tony’s dedication to his career choice is incredibly inspirational.  I have trained several other employees from apprentice embalmers, funeral arrangers, funeral assistants, and fellow directors alike and not one has exhibited the desire to learn and develop as passionately as Tony does on a daily basis.  He not only shows initiative in the workplace, he clearly takes it upon himself to learn on his own.  His hunger for knowledge, perseverance for perfection and devotion to his clientele are all qualities I find refreshing and personally motivating. 

Most impressive about Tony is his ability to build a personal relationship with families.  He is a genuine, compassionate and tenderhearted gentleman who connects with the bereaved in quite a unique way.  He has a heart of gold and sincerely grieves with and for each and every family he serves.  He is so courteous, respectable and virtuous that families he has previously served often stop by the funeral home just “because they were in the area and wanted to say HI!” or to deliver gifts of gratitude.  When all is said and done, Tony makes life-long friends out of his clients extending his professional aftercare into his personal time.  He possesses this undeniable quality I both admire and envy momentously.

Tony Munoz is a shining star, a hard-worker, a curious student and a pleasure to have on staff.  Across all departments, the consciousness of Tony’s ambition, teamwork, enthusiasm and determination to succeed are noticed, respected and appreciated.  I do not know anyone more deserving of recognition as employee of the year than Tony Munoz.

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