• Funeral Employee of the Year, 2013 – Tony Munoz


    Tony Munoz will stop at nothing to ensure a family’s memorialization of their loved one exceeds their expectations of perfection.  As a funeral arranger, Tony exhibits an intense desire to learn each facet of the trade and has truly been a pleasure to guide, observe and work alongside.  Each day he works diligently to better himself in the profession, while educating himself on the path to licensure. 

    Tony’s dedication to his career choice is incredibly inspirational.  I have trained several other employees from apprentice embalmers, funeral arrangers, funeral assistants, and fellow directors alike and not one has exhibited the desire to learn and develop as passionately as Tony does on a daily basis.  He not only shows initiative in the workplace, he clearly takes it upon himself to learn on his own.  His hunger for knowledge, perseverance for perfection and devotion to his clientele are all qualities I find refreshing and personally motivating. 

    Most impressive about Tony is his ability to build a personal relationship with families.  He is a genuine, compassionate and tenderhearted gentleman who connects with the bereaved in quite a unique way.  He has a heart of gold and sincerely grieves with and for each and every family he serves.  He is so courteous, respectable and virtuous that families he has previously served often stop by the funeral home just “because they were in the area and wanted to say HI!” or to deliver gifts of gratitude.  When all is said and done, Tony makes life-long friends out of his clients extending his professional aftercare into his personal time.  He possesses this undeniable quality I both admire and envy momentously.

    Tony Munoz is a shining star, a hard-worker, a curious student and a pleasure to have on staff.  Across all departments, the consciousness of Tony’s ambition, teamwork, enthusiasm and determination to succeed are noticed, respected and appreciated.  I do not know anyone more deserving of recognition as employee of the year than Tony Munoz.

  • How to Cope with Loss

    Losing a close friend or family member can be a devastating experience. In this video, a psychologist outlines some healthy coping mechanisms for people who are dealing with loss.

    After a death, people should feel free to discuss their loved one’s life with other friends and relatives rather than worrying about burdening others. Sharing feelings is an important part of healing for many people. Be prepared to experience strong feelings of sadness, fear, anxiety, and even anger. Remember, taking care of yourself by getting enough sleep and eating right as you work through this difficult period is important.

    If you have recently experienced a loss, you deserve to work with an experienced and compassionate funeral home in the San Mateo area. Call Skyline Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 to discuss our funeral, burial, and cremation services.

  • Congrats Nickol & Tony!

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  • A Look at Cremation Memorialization

    When a loved one passes away, many people struggle to find the proper way to memorialize his or her life with funeral services. While burial services are best for some, others opt for cremation services. Cremation ceremonies today are as unique and fulfilling as the life that was lived. Review these commonly asked questions to find out how the cremation process works.

    Cemetery in the Fog

    What Are the Different Kinds of Cremation?

    Many funeral homes offer an option for a full body visitation utilizing a ceremonial container or casket before the cremation takes place. Loved ones have the opportunity to privately gather together before the ashes are ready for burial, scattering, or return to the family. In a ceremonial cremation, family members opt to forgo the visitation tradition but still retain the religious or ceremonial tribute through funeral ceremonies. In a simple cremation, the funeral home delivers the cremated ashes to a designated individual without a funeral ceremony.

    What Are My Options for Memorial Ceremonies?

    Cremation is equally suitable for in-ground burial, permanent memorialization, and scattering or sharing ashes. While in-ground burial marks a loved one’s grave with a headstone, permanent memorialization offers a special place to remember. Some people prefer to scatter a loved one’s ashes to connect with nature or a favorite spot in the world.

    Can I Personalize My Cremation Arrangements?

    Yes. Many people find that custom arrangements are the best way to celebrate a unique life. If you are considering your loved one’s cremation, discuss your plans with your chosen funeral home. Many funeral homes are happy to help you inscribe a meaningful name or quote on a tree plaque or guide you through the process of selecting a display urn.

    Whether you are preplanning your own cremation or burial services or need guidance when laying a deceased loved one to rest, look no further than San Mateo’s premier funeral home. Skylawn Memorial Park provides comprehensive funeral and memorial services to the San Mateo area, and we offer numerous ways to memorialize a loved one that are not listed on our website. Call us at (650) 349-4411 today to learn more.

  • What Is Cremation Jewelry?

    After cremation memorial services, some families struggle to decide how to properly honor their loved one’s remains. Cremation offers a wide range of possibilities, from burial to permanent memorials to scattering and sharing ashes. For people who prefer to keep their loved ones close to their hearts, cremation jewelry provides a meaningful and beautiful way to commemorate the deceased. Read on to find out if cremation jewelry is right for you.

    Jeweled Cross

    Ancient History

    Ancient societies have long celebrated cremation as a way to properly memorialize the dead and return loved ones back to the earth. But jewelry was first introduced to celebrate a life well-lived and hold family members close during the Victorian period in England. During this time, it became increasingly popular to clip hair from the deceased and weave it into beautiful ornaments, jewels, and hairpieces.

    Modern Interpretations

    As cremation becomes more and more common today, cremation jewelry has begun to take hold as a contemporary take on a time-honored tradition. Often cited as a special way to keep departed family members close, special cremation jewelers incorporate the ashes of lost loved ones into glass, sterling silver, and gold. Memorial pendants are also often requested for deceased pets. Most pet owners come to view as family members in their own right.

    Everyday Wear

    Cremation jewelry can be custom-designed, or you can choose from many elegant and classic pieces. Cremation jewelry is available in necklaces, earrings, pins, and earrings, although many opt for beautiful pendants as symbols of eternal love to wear close to their hearts. If you are considering cremation services, ask your funeral home for more information.

    Here at Skylawn Memorial Park, we are proud to offer numerous options for traditional and non-traditional cremations. Not all of our funeral services are currently listed on our website, so for the most up-to-date information, contact our San Mateo funeral home at (650) 349-4411 to speak directly to a member of the experienced staff.