Who Should Speak at Your Loved One’s Funeral?

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Funeral services are meant to honor the life of the deceased, and no single aspect demonstrates this celebration more than the eulogy. The eulogy is the opportunity to speak among family and friends about your loved one. It’s a time to reflect on his life and how that life touched others. Your loved one may make his wishes known ahead of time regarding whom he would like to speak at his funeral. If he does not, the following individuals might give the eulogy:

Family Member Family members are a natural choice for speaking at a funeral. Many times a spouse, sibling, or child will go before those in attendance to reflect on a loved one’s life. Given the intimate nature of these relationships, family members often have keen insight into the nature and qualities of the person who has passed.

Friend Under some circumstances, a friend may be asked to give the eulogy. If family members are absent from the funeral services, or if they are too overcome by emotion to speak, a close friend can make an appropriate alternate choice. A friend usually has many joyful stories and can give others comfort during this time by sharing his special memories.

Religious Leader Many individuals find comfort in their faith, and may wish to have a religious leader speak at a loved one’s funeral. A religious leader can provide a source of strength and understanding when friends and family are coping with loss. In the event of a loved one’s passing, a religious leader can offer compassion and solace with his words during his eulogy.

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