Skylawn’s Annual Senior Night Out!

For the past several years, Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park has sponsored a table at the Half Moon Bay Senior Coastsider Event.   This year’s 23rd annual Senior Night Out carried a “Cruisin’ Away” theme.  The senior center was completely decked out with elaborate decorations, live music, entertainment, and trivia games.

This year’s escorts were Leticia Pizziconi, Community Service Supervisor, Mary Soubirous, Family Service Consultant and funeral home staff Tony Munoz and Meghan Nakamura.


Each of our dates were picked up at their respective homes in one of the Skylawn limousines and were presented with a beautiful red rose corsage, courtesy of Blossoms at Skylawn.  Upon our arrival at the Senior Center event, we were given a lei and had our photos taken with our dates prior to being seated to enjoy the food and entertainment. 

The dinner served was impressive, the entertainment was engaging and the Skylawn table came in second place in the trivia contest!  As “Gold Donors” the Skylawn staff and their dates were truly treated like royalty.

The best part of the evening was the glow in the room.   Each and every senior attendee was in good spirits, treated like kings and queens and absolutely enjoying themselves.  Leticia Pizziconi’s date, Virginia had never in her 80+ years had the opportunity to ride in a limousine.  It was all she could talk about!  Realizing the impression we would leave with our new friends, Tony Munoz left five minutes prior to the end of the entertainment to pull the limousine up to the front doors of the Senior center so all of Virginia’s friends could see her get into the limousine.  Our new friends Kasey, Marge, James, Elaine, and Virginia thoroughly enjoyed their evenings and it was an honor to meet and escort each of them. 

It was a beautiful event that the Senior Coastsider Center put on and it was a pleasure to escort the seniors to their big night out!

-Meghan Nakamura, Funeral Director

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