• Tips for Planning a Green Funeral

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    Those who lived environmentally conscious lives can leave their commitment to conservation as their lasting legacy. Since the first green funeral home opened in 1998, the concept of green funerals has grown significantly. If you would like to have a green funeral, the following tips can ensure that your wishes are faithfully carried out.

    Consult Your Loved Ones Key to having a green funeral is talking to your family about your wishes. Your loved ones may not be familiar with green funeral methods, so you might need to explain exactly what you want upon your passing. Also, speaking with your family now can help prevent misunderstandings in the future. Given the emotional aspects of planning a funeral or cremation service, you can make the process easier on your loved ones by telling them your preferences.

    Choose Between Burial or Cremation A green funeral can encompass a wide range of services. Some individuals may decide to undergo cremation upon their passing, while others choose to use green methods in the context of a traditional burial. Instead of the typical burial components, such as embalming, hardwood coffins, and concrete enclosures, a green funeral usually involves no chemical preservatives for the remains. Rather, individuals choose either a shroud or a decomposable casket.

    Decide on a Final Resting Place Your green funeral also includes your final resting place. Individuals who prefer cremation can choose a decomposable urn or ash spreading ceremony in another locale. Those who decide on a ground burial are often placed in a special area of the cemetery grounds. To mark the grave, an individual may choose a bush, tree, or fieldstone.

    Skylawn Memorial Park offers personalized burial and cremation services at our San Mateo funeral home. If you would like to learn more about green funerals, call (650) 349-4411 or visit our website. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the funeral service that best suits your individual preferences.

  • Who Should Speak at Your Loved One’s Funeral?

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    Funeral services are meant to honor the life of the deceased, and no single aspect demonstrates this celebration more than the eulogy. The eulogy is the opportunity to speak among family and friends about your loved one. It’s a time to reflect on his life and how that life touched others. Your loved one may make his wishes known ahead of time regarding whom he would like to speak at his funeral. If he does not, the following individuals might give the eulogy:

    Family Member Family members are a natural choice for speaking at a funeral. Many times a spouse, sibling, or child will go before those in attendance to reflect on a loved one’s life. Given the intimate nature of these relationships, family members often have keen insight into the nature and qualities of the person who has passed.

    Friend Under some circumstances, a friend may be asked to give the eulogy. If family members are absent from the funeral services, or if they are too overcome by emotion to speak, a close friend can make an appropriate alternate choice. A friend usually has many joyful stories and can give others comfort during this time by sharing his special memories.

    Religious Leader Many individuals find comfort in their faith, and may wish to have a religious leader speak at a loved one’s funeral. A religious leader can provide a source of strength and understanding when friends and family are coping with loss. In the event of a loved one’s passing, a religious leader can offer compassion and solace with his words during his eulogy.

    Would you like to speak with a funeral home associate about how to proceed with your loved one’s funeral services? Then call San Mateo’s Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 for an appointment. Our knowledgeable staff can help you organize the burial or cremation services that will best honor your loved one.

  • How to Cope with Grief

    Bereavement touches people in a myriad of ways. This video explains different grieving methods.

    Some individuals process their pain in solitude and silence. They may refrain from discussing their feelings with others and keep their grief hidden behind closed doors. However, it does not mean that the passing of a loved one does not affect them. Other people feel compelled to talk about their loss with friends and family. Only by verbalizing their grief can they move on. Regardless of how you choose to cope with your grief, remember that no one way is more valid than another. You have the right to express your feelings as you see fit.

    Skylawn Memorial Park provides grief services for individuals in the greater San Mateo area. To speak with a funeral home representative about your needs, call (650) 349-4411.

  • Skylawn’s Annual Senior Night Out!

    For the past several years, Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park has sponsored a table at the Half Moon Bay Senior Coastsider Event.   This year’s 23rd annual Senior Night Out carried a “Cruisin’ Away” theme.  The senior center was completely decked out with elaborate decorations, live music, entertainment, and trivia games.

    This year’s escorts were Leticia Pizziconi, Community Service Supervisor, Mary Soubirous, Family Service Consultant and funeral home staff Tony Munoz and Meghan Nakamura.


    Each of our dates were picked up at their respective homes in one of the Skylawn limousines and were presented with a beautiful red rose corsage, courtesy of Blossoms at Skylawn.  Upon our arrival at the Senior Center event, we were given a lei and had our photos taken with our dates prior to being seated to enjoy the food and entertainment. 

    The dinner served was impressive, the entertainment was engaging and the Skylawn table came in second place in the trivia contest!  As “Gold Donors” the Skylawn staff and their dates were truly treated like royalty.

    The best part of the evening was the glow in the room.   Each and every senior attendee was in good spirits, treated like kings and queens and absolutely enjoying themselves.  Leticia Pizziconi’s date, Virginia had never in her 80+ years had the opportunity to ride in a limousine.  It was all she could talk about!  Realizing the impression we would leave with our new friends, Tony Munoz left five minutes prior to the end of the entertainment to pull the limousine up to the front doors of the Senior center so all of Virginia’s friends could see her get into the limousine.  Our new friends Kasey, Marge, James, Elaine, and Virginia thoroughly enjoyed their evenings and it was an honor to meet and escort each of them. 

    It was a beautiful event that the Senior Coastsider Center put on and it was a pleasure to escort the seniors to their big night out!

    -Meghan Nakamura, Funeral Director

  • Our thoughts are with the victims and families affected by the Boston Marathon atrocity

    Our thoughts are with the victims and families affected by the Boston Marathon atrocity on April 15, 2013. Words fall short of expressing our sorrow to those who lost their lives and those who were injured.

    Skylawn Memorial Park is hosting a book of condolences for the public to write messages to the victims and their families. We hope this small gesture will bring together our own community to offer encouragement and strength to all who have been affected. The book will be available to the public from April 16 – May 1 from 10am – 5pm daily and will be shared with the families and victims.