Understanding the Reasons Why Funerals Are Important

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Throughout human history, people have marked death with a ritual or ceremony. Today we call these ceremonies funerals, and they provide a crucial way for families to remember a loved one and move through the grieving process. Here are some of the key ways that funerals can help the bereaved:

Funerals Are a Way to Remember In life, people know and understand their loved ones through their physical presence. Death marks a key transition in which the way you know a departed loved one moves into your memories. In a funeral, you have the chance to share and exchange memories of your loved with others who knew him or her well. You can view pictures, share anecdotes, and reminisce with people that you know, trust, and love.

Funerals Bring Loved Ones Together With many of today’s families scattered throughout the world, funerals provide an opportunity to reunite. It is a time to share, take stock, and be thankful for the presence of loved ones and family. The role of family members can fundamentally change after the death of a loved one. Funerals offer the chance to acknowledge this and move forward with the changes that the death of a loved one can bring.

Funerals Help the Bereaved Acknowledge Loss One of the most difficult things to do after a loved one has died is to acknowledge your loss. Funerals offer a sort of finality, giving you the ability to move beyond a surface understanding of death to the complete acknowledgement that your loved one has died. It is a time to accept and embrace pain, enabling you to begin the long healing process ahead.

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