A Basic Funeral Pre-Planning Checklist


There are few things more stressful at time of loss than making funeral arrangements. Pre-planning a funeral ceremony can save you from having to make key decisions under the emotional influence of grief. Here are a few basic things to make sure you prioritize as you pre-plan a funeral:

Choose the Type of Service Today, people have a wide range of funeral service arrangements to choose from. Designating what kind of service you want will ensure that there are no doubts about the appropriateness of funeral arrangements. You can choose from military, religious, non-denominational, and fraternal ceremonies. You may also opt to create a custom ceremony unique to your own wishes, combining elements of different types of funeral ceremonies. 

Arrange the Ceremony Details Pre-planning a funeral is particularly helpful due to the sheer amount of details involved. Managing these details with a clear head, free from grief will help move the process along smoothly. You will want to arrange the funeral home, ceremony location, pallbearers, music, flower arrangements, and readings. You may also want to designate the loved ones you would want to speak for you at your ceremony.

Delegate Tasks to Loved Ones Friends and loved ones truly want to help wherever they can with funeral arrangements. Channeling this earnest desire by delegating tasks can make the funeral process go much smoother. Designate loved ones to arrange flowers, mail invitations, write the obituary, and perform any other necessary tasks.

Provide a Means for Payment If appropriately planned, funerals do not need to cause undue financial strain. Discuss funeral costs with a trusted funeral service provider. You may want to make arrangements to have payments readily available for all aspects of your ceremony, including cemetery siting, transportation, facility rental, food, and music.

If you need trusted assistance pre-planning a funeral service, contact Skylawn Memorial Park of San Mateo. We provide multicultural placement and ceremonial options for cremations and burials. To speak with a member of our staff about your options, call us at (650) 349-4411.

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