• The Funeral Home: How to Select a Casket

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    Casket selection is an important part of the funeral planning process. After all, the casket serves as a loved one’s final resting place, so it’s important to choose a casket that is both personal and durable. Use the following guidelines to find a casket that fits your needs and your budget.

    Choose Materials: There are several different types of caskets that are made from various materials. Wood is the traditional choice—the material offers a beautiful luster that can’t be mimicked by other materials. If you have a strict budget, you may want to choose a wood laminate casket. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a hardwood casket with a hand-finished design. Caskets are also commonly made from metals like stainless steel and bronze. Steel caskets are prized for their damage resistance, while bronze caskets are chosen for their long-term resistance to rust.

    Personalize Exterior: Choosing your loved one’s casket provides an opportunity to personalize his or her afterlife proceedings. Unique casket features, decorations, and colors help make the casket a reflection of your loved one’s personality. Talk to your funeral director about your personalization ideas so that the funeral home can take steps to accommodate your special requests.

    Remember Expenses: Keep a close eye on your budget when choosing a casket. Extra features and decorative upgrades can increase a casket’s total price. Be sure to balance out the cost of the casket with other funeral expenses. If you wish to have a more elaborate ceremony, it may be best to purchase a less expensive casket.

    Skylawn Memorial Park provides comprehensive and compassionate funeral services for residents of the San Mateo area. Our staff will make sure that you and your family receives the highest level of care. Call us at (650) 349-4411 or check out our online testimonials to learn more about our funeral home.

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  • How to Decide Whether to Cremate or Bury Your Loved One

    One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make during the funeral planning process is choosing between burial and cremation. Both types of funeral services have their own benefits. Consider your own wishes and learn more about these options by watching this informative video.

    The decision between burial and cremation may be made by the individual during funeral pre-planning. If the deceased did not indicate his or her wishes, this decision must be made collectively by the surviving family. This video suggests talking to a funeral director about the benefits of both burial and cremation.

    Get in touch with Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 if you’d like to learn more about funeral planning. We can help you plan a respectful, memorable service. Contact us to learn more about the differences between burial and cremation.

  • Get the Funeral Help You Need with These Resources

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    You can find out more about funeral planning from the caring staff at Skylawn Memorial Park. Our funeral director can help you choose the right burial, ceremony, and décor options. To learn more about writing a eulogy or choosing a casket, take a look at the websites below.

    Let us plan your funeral or memorial service on our beautiful San Mateo grounds. Give us a call at (650) 349-4411 for more information.

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