Choosing Between Burial and Cremation

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One of the greatest decisions that an individual must make regarding the end of his or her life is the choice between burial and cremation. There are many arguments that can be made for either option, and decisions are often made based on one’s religious or philosophical views, as well as his or her financial options. If you are uncertain as to how you would like your remains to be handled, take a look at the following information.

Perhaps the most significant factor in the cremation or burial decision is cost. Cremation is much less expensive than traditional burial, so it is a good option for those who want to reduce the financial burden of end-of-life services for their surviving relatives.

Aside from being more affordable, cremation is also kinder to the environment in several ways. Cremation does not use the raw materials that the construction of caskets does, and also reduces the need for cemetery land. For some people, however, cremation is simply not an option.

Many religions favor, or even require, intact burial, along with associated rites and ceremonies. Every person must weigh his or her spiritual beliefs alongside other personal factors when making end-of-life plans. If your religion favors one option, such as burial, you and your family may feel much more comfortable incorporating it into your funeral proceedings.

There are also reasons beyond religion for the preference of a traditional burial. Some individuals, for the sake of tradition, prefer the idea of resting permanently in one place with a clearly marked memorial. Others have an emotional tie to a particular location, and would like for that connection to continue after death.

Whether you wish to be buried or cremated upon your passing, Skylawn Memorial Park will be here to help your loved ones through the process. To find out more about our comprehensive funeral services, contact us online or at (650) 349-4411.

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