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    Here is a commonly asked question: Why should I Pre-plan?

    Planning for the final journey is a difficult decision but one that can make it less stressful for your family members. We encourage you to pre-plan – it could be your farewell gift to those you leave behind. Pre-planning also helps you to freeze prices in advance, thus saving hundreds of dollars.

    Click here for pre-planning guide.

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  • Get The Funeral Service Information You Need With These Resources

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    Planning and attending a funeral can be difficult, especially when you consider the complex terminology and the difficulty of aiding a child through the grieving process. Gain confidence in both of these tough areas with the following resources:

    · Learn how to give children an age-appropriate understanding of death with this resource from KidsHealth.org.

    · The National Association of School Psychologists discusses typical childhood behavior in response to death and effective strategies to help children coping with loss.

    · You can find advice for helping a child deal with death after the loss of a family member by reading this article from HealthyChildren.org.

    · This explanation of funeral terminology from YourTribute.com will help you understand the process of planning and attending a funeral.

    · Take a look at this helpful list from CaregiversLibrary.org if you need further assistance with funeral planning.

    To learn more about grief management and funeral services, contact Skylawn Memorial Park, in San Mateo, at (650) 288- 0559.

  • Skylawn’s Certificate of Appreciation!

    Teamwork at Skylawn

    Dear Management,

    I would like for you to acknowledge the efforts of the grounds crew on the morning of Monday, July 9, 2012. We had a prominent service, incredibly detailed with no end to the special requests.   
    Skylawn interred the late Sergeant Morgan Bixby, an active duty Army Ranger with full military honors rendered by the fellow soldiers in his unit. In total, about thirty members of Sgt. Bixby’s unit accompanied his remains to California from Washington State. The active duty soldiers (who do not normally render military honors) arrived on Thursday to begin four days of rehearsals to ensure the honors were flawless.   
    Without going into too much detail, the unit was ordered to approach the grave space from an unusual angle, making it particularly difficult for the grounds crew to prepare a safe placement of Sgt. Bixby’s casket. As I explained the plan to the grounds crew the morning of the burial what we needed to accomplish to ensure we gave the military the proper approach to the lowering device I was thoroughly impressed with the initiative and coordination of the grounds crew.  
    A special “thank you team!” should go to Alejandro,  Javier, Rubin, JR, Roberto and Ron who allowed Kenny Pun and I to jump in and make suggestions, tweak their plans and demonstrated an amazing hustle in the cold, wet fog and mud to make this happen for over 400 guests. Personally, I will never forget how accommodating and generous with their time everyone involved was with this service. It was an exemplary display of Skylawn’s teamwork at its finest!!
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!
    With Sincerest Appreciation,
    Meghan Nakamura


    The plaque below reads: Certification Of Appreciation Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

    Presented To Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park From the Officers, NCOs, and Rangers of 2d Ranger Battalion in recognition of your support.
    Thank you for your time, dedication, and service.  
    Rangers Lead The Way

    Megham Nakamura and Kenny Pun

    Featured in the Photo Above: Meghan Nakamura (Funeral Director) and Kenny Pun (Family Service Counselor)

  • Funeral Planning: How to Plan a Funeral According to Custom

    Funerals are very personal experiences. When someone passes, commemorating them in ways that are in keeping with family and religious tradition is important, as is memorializing the individual traits that made your loved one so special. Although funeral planning can be difficult, ensuring that the ceremony reflects your own customs can be a source of comfort.

    In this video, you will learn about the various customs and preferences that can be accommodated during a funeral. Religious customs are discussed, including Catholic and Jewish funeral customs, as well as regional funeral practices. You will also learn how you can further personalize the service by involving mementos of your loved ones, such as bringing in the golf clubs of an avid golfer.

    Skylawn Memorial Park  can help you plan a funeral service that embraces your customs and memorializes the friend or family member that you lost. Call us at (650) 349-4411 to learn how our staff can help you navigate the funeral planning process.

  • Understanding the Stages of Grief

    Flowers on a coffin

    Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming experience. It is completely normal and natural to struggle with the enormity of the situation, from the practicalities of the funeral service to the actual pain of knowing someone is gone. However, coping with grief is a process that doesn’t end at the funeral service. Most people experience grief in five stages. Understanding these stages may help you as you move through them.


    After learning of a loved one’s passing, you may initially deny the news and convince yourself that it is not real. This denial is your way of protecting yourself from the pain of loss and giving yourself a chance to prepare for the rest of the grieving process.


    It is natural to feel angry about losing someone. The anger may be directed at yourself or at family, friends, or strangers. You may even feel angry at the person that passed away for leaving you. Being angry may bring feelings of guilt, which can exacerbate your anger.


    You may find yourself wishing that you could give something up or change a behavior in exchange for having your loved one back. Bargaining is often associated with guilt and is a way for the mind to work out regrets about the relationship with the person who has passed.


    As you begin to come to terms with the loss, depression takes hold. You may feel sad about saying good-bye to your loved one, and you may feel worried about the funeral and providing enough support to the people who depend on you.


    This stage of grief comes when your loss no longer dominates your life and your healing begins. Though your loss may always be with you, you may find that you are able to take comfort in happy memories of your loved one as you re-engage in your own life. Sadness is no longer your primary emotion.

    At Skylawn Memorial Park, in San Mateo, we are here to support you as you grieve. In addition to your funeral services and cremation services, we offer social workers, pain management, and massage therapy on site. Call us today at (650) 349-4411 to find out how we can help you with funeral planning, coping with grief, and much more.