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  • Tips for Getting Through Grief

    Nothing can compare to the sadness that follows the loss of a loved one. Everyone’s grief process is different, but this video offers general advice for dealing with loss. Review these healthy living tips from LiveStrong.com to find peace after the loss of a loved one.

    Managing the grief process is one of the most difficult challenges that a person can face. The psychologist in this clip suggests that viewers grieve with family members or in a support group. He also suggests healthy expressions of grief through journaling or art. Watch this video to learn more about coping with loss.

    Planning a heartfelt memorial service is another way to move forward through grief. The staff at San Mateo’s Skylawn Memorial Park can help you arrange the memorial your loved one deserves. Call us at (650) 349-4411 for information on burial services and cremation.

  • Affordable Housing Week

    On May 10th 2012, Michael Fry-Shaw, Nickol Ladd and Jim Navarro attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new affordable housing complex in Daly City, California.

    The event was sponsored by the County of San Mateo, department of housing.

    There were several community and political leaders from the County and Daly City in attendance, including Mark Nagales (Field Representative, Office of Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-12), U.S. House of Representatives) Adrienne Tissier, Supervisor, Councilmember Mike Guingona, Council member David Canepa and Melina Whitehead from HUD.

    It was an honor to be a part of this event in support of Affordable Housing Week.


    Affordable Housing Week

  • Getting Through the Grieving Process

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    Dealing with the passing of a loved one is never easy—the emotions that accompany this kind of loss are always overwhelming. Thankfully, there are many effective strategies for getting through the grieving process. Use these tips to prepare yourself for the burial service and beyond.

    • Embrace Every Emotion: The grieving process can incite a wide range of powerful emotions. Feelings as diverse as anger and guilt may constantly collide after the loss of a loved one. It may be difficult, but you should allow yourself to experience each of these feelings. This emotional rollercoaster may be confusing, but repressing an emotion could keep you locked in the grieving process for much longer than necessary.
    • Seek Outside Support: You should never go through grief on your own. Instead, seek comfort in the arms of understanding friends and family members. Sharing your emotions with others who feel the same can help put you at ease about your grief. The act of supporting another person’s grieving process may also help you move forward.
    • Find Healthy Outlets: Bottling up your emotions is counterproductive—the only way to overcome and accept your emotions is to face them directly. Some people simply need to talk about their emotions with friends and family members. Others use artistic mediums to express their grief. For example, a grieving individual may find comfort in designing a memorial slideshow for the funeral. Find a strategy that helps you put your emotions in perspective and use it throughout the grieving process.
    • Consider Professional Help: For many, the grief that follows the loss of a loved one can be too difficult to overcome just with friends and family. In cases like these, the assistance of a professional therapist can be a great help with moving through the grieving process. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about seeking assistance—therapists helps thousands of Americans cope with grief each year.

    Planning a funeral is another important part of the grieving process. The staff members of Skylawn Memorial Park of San Mateo understand that your family is facing a tough time and will work hard to accommodate your needs. Call us at (650) 349-4411 for more information.

  • Learn How To Stay Strong Through A Loss With These Resources

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    Funeral planning is never easy, but working with the right funeral home can help make the process simpler. You can also use the following resources to help cope with the loss of a family member or friend.

    • Unexpected reminders can reawaken grief. Find out how to cope with grief reminders in this article from the Mayo Clinic.
    • MyFloristSympathy.com offers a helpful overview of different religious and cultural memorial traditions.
    • Lead a discussion with your children about grief and loss using this guide from KidsHealth.org.
    • JewishFederation.org explains traditional funeral customs in this helpful article.

    Call (650) 349-4411 for more information on funeral and cremation services from Skylawn Memorial Park.