Healthy Ways to Relieve Emotional Stress

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Grieving the death of someone is an emotionally and mentally draining experience. During your time of mourning—which may continue even after the funeral—it is important to take care of your physical and mental well-being. To ease some of the emotional stress and anxiety that you feel while you are coping with the loss of a loved one, employ some of the techniques discussed below.

Meet with a Grief Counselor

If someone close to you has recently died, you are likely to be deeply affected. You may even feel that your sorrow is so great you cannot manage it. While grief is natural and your life will certainly be different without your loved one, a grief counselor can help ease your emotional burden and assure you that you can and will heal. Many funeral homes offer grief support services or recommend professionals in your area that offer them.

Visit a Support Group

Another helpful form of grief support can be found at a support group where you can meet others who have recently lost a loved one. If you feel like no one in your life can relate to what you are going through, you may find meeting others who have experienced similar losses to be helpful in dealing with your grief.

Take Up a Peaceful Hobby

In order to get your mind off your feelings of grief, partake in a peaceful activity that you can appreciate in solitude or in the company of others, such as starting a garden or enrolling in yoga lessons. These activities are therapeutic and can bring peace and happiness back to your life.

Write in a Journal

Writing can also be therapeutic, and it is a good way to document and reminisce about experiences you have had with your loved one. If you are feeling anxious and emotionally shipwrecked after planning a funeral for your longtime companion or family member, keeping a journal can help.

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