Considerations to Make When Choosing Cremation

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Deciding between cremation and a full burial is a decision most people expect to have to make when planning the funeral of a loved one. What many do not anticipate, however, are the accompanying decisions that must be made before and after cremation takes place. To help make the process of planning your loved one’s cremation a little less stressful, this article addresses the major decisions to consider.


Did you know that you can still hold a viewing for your loved one even if his or her body is to be cremated? If this is an option that interests you, inform your funeral home director at the beginning of the funeral planning process. Preparations will have to be made in a timely manner in order for the viewing to take place while the body is still presentable.

Scattering of Ashes

In Northern California, there are few restrictions on the scattering of ashes. If your loved one did not request that his or her ashes be scattered in a specific location, think about natural settings that he or she was particularly fond of. Popular options include a favorite body of water, a country estate, a hiking trail, or a home garden. After you have come up with a list of places that you feel are worthy of your loved one’s ashes, consult a funeral director to make sure that you are in compliance with San Mateo area regulations. You may also opt to store the ashes in a memorial park or in an urn in your home.

Storage of Cremated Remains

Some families choose to retain some or all of a loved one’s cremated remains in an urn or another appropriate storage vessel. This urn can be kept in your home—many families choose to store it on a fireplace mantel or in a display case—or in a niche at a scenic mausoleum that you and others can visit periodically to honor the memory of the deceased.

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