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  • The Physical Effects of Mourning a Loved One

    Coping with Death

    Coping with the loss of a loved one is an extremely difficult process. Because the intensity of grief and the way it manifests itself varies greatly from person to person, it is difficult to prepare for the mourning you will experience while planning a funeral and grieving. Yet if you are aware of some of the common physical effects that are experienced during the mourning process, you can better care for yourself in this time of need.

    Exhaustion and Fatigue

    People who are grieving may experience feelings of utter exhaustion throughout the days and nights following a loved one’s passing. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including the intense emotional toll of grief. While in mourning, remember to eat well, stay active, and get plenty of rest.


    People often report experiencing insomnia while in mourning. It is not uncommon to get into bed and feel consumed by thoughts of your loved one, or to experience feelings of helplessness, despair, or anxiety. Yet if your symptoms of sleeplessness last for more than a few days, make time to see a doctor.

    Physical Pain

    Aches and pains plague nearly all grievers. It may be helpful to try to stretch your body throughout the day. A professional massage can also be a useful way to reduce pain and relieve stress while mourning.

    Change in Eating Habits

    Undereating and overeating are two common ways of dealing with grief. Some mourners become so busy and stressed out that they forget to eat. When grieving parties do remember to eat, they may binge-eat and ignore nutritional value when making food selections.


    Often stress-induced, headaches and migraines are two common symptoms of mourning. If you do not have a history of headaches, try taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, but see a doctor if your head pain lasts more than a week.

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  • Understanding How Children React to Loss


    Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult for individuals of all ages. For young children, who are still in the process of conceptualizing what it means to be alive, the grief process can be different than it is for most adults. Here are some tips and advice on helping your children cope with the loss of a loved one, and ensuring that they know you are there.

    Explain loss in an age-appropriate manner

    Informing your child that he or she will no longer be seeing a grandparent, a parent, or another loved one is extremely difficult, especially when you are coping with the loss yourself. It is important to think about your child’s age and development when determining how to explain a loved one’s loss. Avoid using euphemisms, even if your child’s capacity to understand losing someone is limited. Be honest with your child, but do not overwhelm him or her with information.

    Make yourself accessible

    When children grieve, they tend to do so in bursts. After explaining the loss of a loved one to your child, tell him or her that you will be available to talk about the loss and answer any questions whenever your child has them. This may be difficult for you, but it is important for your child’s well-being. You can also speak with your funeral home director about grief support options that may be helpful for your child.

    Be patient and understanding

    Think back to when you were young. Did you experience the loss of a parent, a grandparent, a friend, or even a pet before you grasped the permanence of losing that loved one and the changes that take place in the lives of those who remain? By understanding how your childhood deals with such situations, you can approach the grieving children in your life with empathy and support.

    Planning a funeral can be emotionally trying and time-consuming. To ensure that you are able to provide your child with the support he or she needs during this difficult time, work with a funeral home that offers a full range of on- and off-site professional services. The multilingual staff at Skylawn in San Mateo and the East Bay area are available for phone consultations 24/7 at (650) 349-4411.

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  • Happy Chinese New Year!

    Chinese New Year 2012

    Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at Skylawn!