What is a Green Burial?

Green Burial

As environmental sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue around the world, the harmful effects of many modern burial practices are being avoided by many eco-friendly individuals. In some green circles, an assumption has emerged that the only environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional burial is cremation—yet this is not the case. Read this article to discover how your desire to be buried after you have left this earth and your desire to preserve the earth can both be accommodated.

Green Burial Basics

In a green burial, all aspects of a traditional burial that are harmful to the environment are avoided. Embalming fluid, a carcinogen which leaks into the soil and kills billions of microorganisms a year, is avoided. The body is encased in a biodegradable casket or wrapped in a natural fiber shroud. An individual can even choose to be wrapped in a favorite blanket or cloth tapestry. Concrete vaults, the creation of which consumes a great deal of energy and emits carbon dioxide, are nowhere to be found in green cemeteries.

Benefits of a Green Burial

When you opt for a green burial, you can better reconnect with the earth while knowing that you are helping to preserve it, even after life ends. You and your loved ones are relieved of any guilt associated with harming the environment in the planning of your funeral.

Just a few decades ago, planning a green burial would have been extremely difficult. Yet thanks to the efforts of environmentally conscious funeral planning services, a green burial is now an accessible, viable alternative to a traditional burial.

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