How to Support a Loved One Who Has Experienced a Recent Loss


The passing of a loved one can have a dramatic effect on the family and close friends, and it is important to be there for them in their time of need. Here are a few ways you can support a loved one who has experienced a recent loss:

Offer Support
Support the grieving by helping them in any way you can. Offer to cook dinner, go shopping, or take care of housework for the family. These acts of kindness can go a long way. Even if the family refuses the extra assistance at first, it may be best to simply perform the task without asking.  

Be Genuine
Be authentic in your condolences. If you can’t think of much to say, then silence may be all that is necessary. Sometimes, your presence is all a loved one needs to feel comforted. Be accepting and understanding of the grieving process. Some individuals may need to cry or get angry in order to express their emotions. Everyone will grieve differently. Let the individual know that it is okay to express his or her most heartfelt emotions without the worry of criticism or judgment.

Be Willing to Talk About It
One of the most helpful ways to deal with difficult emotions is to discuss them, so allow the bereaved that opportunity. Be there for them. Provide a shoulder to cry on and open up your ears to truly listen. Retelling the stories and fondest memories of a recently lost loved one is a healthy road to acceptance.

To truly help those who are grieving, you can also offer to help with the funeral arrangements. Enlist the assistance of a first-rate funeral home, cremation, and burial service for your loved one. If you are searching for quality funeral services, then contact Skylawn Memorial Park in San Mateo, California. Our staff will respond to your needs with compassion and care. Contact us today at (650) 349-4411.

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