• A Look at Different Cultural Funeral Traditions

    Chinese Cemetery

    Diversity is a beautiful thing. Although we all come from different cultures and backgrounds, we do share and practice similar traditions and events. At your local funeral home, you will find that burial, memorial, and funeral services are practiced differently by other cultures as ways to honor lost loved ones.

    Dios De Los Muertos
    Otherwise known as the “Day of the Dead,” Dios de los Muertos is a proud tradition originating from Mexico. During the month of November, the spirits of deceased family members are believed to visit their homes. During this holiday, families prepare alters and offerings for their loved ones.

    One might think that Dios De Los Muertos is a solemn holiday—in truth, this annual tradition is one filled with joy and community. Sugar skulls, atole, and candied pumpkins are just some of the treats enjoyed during this day as family members fondly remember those who passed.

    Ching Ming
    As a Chinese tradition, Ching Ming is observed annually on April 5th. The words “Ching Ming” roughly translate to “clean and just.” During Ching Ming, family members visit and clean the burial sites of loved ones. Along with weed removal, families will place food and even burn false money as offerings.

    Jewish Funeral Traditions
    A traditional Jewish funeral involves many different people, roles, and traditions. One essential bereavement custom is a tradition known as “sitting shiva.” Shiva is a week-long period of mourning and grief observed by close relatives. Burials and funerals are held within 24 hours of the individual’s passing. During the funeral, the holy society A Hevra Kadish watches over the proceedings. Throughout the mourning period, the Jewish community is very supportive of the family.

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  • Hospice Care and Grief Counseling: Reactions to Grief in Men and Women

    Everyone has their own way of processing grief, and men and women often have distinct ways of coping. Women tend to be more vocal with their emotions, whereas men don’t express themselves as much and try to keep busy. There is no wrong way to handle grief, and you should understand that everyone mourns differently.

    This video explains the key differences between men and women when dealing with a loss or a period of trauma. Women commonly talk through their emotions and find comfort in support groups or through discussion. Men, on the other hand, find tasks to keep busy and distracted. If they do talk about their feelings, then it will usually be with a woman and not another man.

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  • Helpful Resources Relating to Our Recent Blog Topics


    When a loved one passes away, the grief may seem insurmountable. But with time and support, you can remember those who have passed with fond, peaceful feelings. Explore these links for more information about how loved ones can be memorialized.

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  • Funeral Planning: How to Write an Obituary

    Planning a funeral is a trying, but necessary, part of caring for a loved one after he or she passes. Family members will also need to write an obituary to honor their loved one.

    If you have never written an obituary, then consider this helpful video. While some newspapers publish death notices, others will allow the family to write the entire obituary. When writing the obituary, include the deceased’s name, date of passing, his or her survivors, and the time and location of the ceremony. You may also want to write about accomplishments and passions that made his or her life unique.

    Along with funeral services, memorial services, and so much more, Skylawn Memorial Park of San Mateo also offers compassion and support for those who are grieving. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at (650) 349-4411 today.

  • Resources for Dealing with Grief

    Together, Dealing with Grief

    After recently losing a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you may not know where to turn. After the burial or cremation service, you will need to find healthy ways to process grief and eventually find a sense of closure. Grief is a natural reaction to loss, but coping isn’t always easy. Consider these valuable resources:

    1.   Friends and Family
    During the grieving process, it helps many individuals to talk about their feelings and thoughts. You may want to contact caring friends or family members who were also affected by the loss. Although everyone expresses grief differently and your friends may be unable to understand the full impact of your loss, they can still provide excellent support.

    2.   Support Groups
    While dealing with grief, you may find comfort with those who are in a similar situation. Support groups can be very helpful—not only do they help you deal with grief, but also provide an opportunity for some much-needed socializing.

    3.   Reading and Writing
    At times, it can be tough to talk about your situation, even to family and friends. When dealing with grief alone, try writing your thoughts down. Expressing yourself in this simple way can help you release feelings of tension or anxiety. There are also many books, articles, and websites where you can read thoughts from others who are also coping with grief.

    4.   Professionals
    Therapists, psychologists, and grief counselors are excellent resources for dealing with grief. As outlets for expression, professionals may also help you cope with your loss. Additionally, professionals are experienced in helping people with grief and can offer valuable advice.

    Located in San Mateo, Skylawn Memorial Park offers much more than just funeral, cremation, and burial services. If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, our compassionate staff can suggest local services like pain management or even massage therapy. For more information, visit our website or contact us at (650) 349-4411.