• Chinese Burial Traditions

    Chinese Memorial

    Chinese funeral arrangements differ from typical western funerals because they are based around a non-Christian belief system. There are many common customs practiced by Chinese families to honor their deceased loved ones, but each burial will vary depending on the family. Cremation is not typical in Chinese culture and the burial is a solemn and serious process.

    Arranging the Funeral
    It’s not customary for an elder to defer funeral planning responsibility to someone younger; funeral arrangements are typically handled by the children or young family members of the deceased to show respect for their elder who has passed on. The Chinese Almanac is consulted to determine the best date for the burial. The death is announced by invitations to the funeral.

    Burial Attire
    The deceased are never dressed in red because this is a color that symbolizes happiness. White, blue, and yellow are traditional colors for burial attire, and the body is dressed from head to toe. One’s face may be covered with cloth, but women will still be adorned with makeup.

    The coffin is typically moved in a hearse with the family following behind to the cemetery, similar to western funeral processions. Vehicles in the procession usually carry white cloth or paper because white is the color reserved for death in Chinese culture.

    The Burial
    When the casket is lowered, it’s customary to look away. Relatives throw handfuls of unearthed dirt into the grave before it is filled. Clothes of those attending the funeral are later burned to avoid bad luck.

    Much like western funerals and burials, the details of each ceremony will vary. Skylawn Memorial Park of San Mateo embraces differing funeral traditions across various cultures, and our multi-lingual staff can assist in providing the right burial arrangements for your loved one. Call (650) 349-4411 or contact us online for more information.

  • Different Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed

    Remembering Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

    When you lose a friend or family member, there are many reminders that you might encounter which may bring up feelings of grief or sadness. Some people will try to cope with this by repressing memories, which can lead to a cycle of depression. Long after the initial grieving process, there are ways to honor your loved ones that will help you remember them happily and cope with the loss in a healthy manner. Here are some suggestions for keeping a positive memory of your loved ones.

    • Cherish Photographs
      Compiling a photo album or displaying pictures around the house will preserve the image of those whom you have lost. Pictures that capture your special moments can be a source of inspiration, rather than a solemn reminder.
    • Encourage Family Time
      Sharing stories and reminiscing about a relative who has passed on is a therapeutic way to find comfort. Families can be brought closer together through loss because they provide one another with stability and warmth.
    • Celebrate Their Lives
      Holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries can be particularly troubling after a death in the family, but these occasions don’t have to be spent in sadness. Take time to celebrate the things your loved one enjoyed the most, including his or her favorite foods, movies, and music.
    • Attend Support Groups
      Many people have suffered loss and seek the company of support groups. Talking in a safe, group-setting about your loss can be a comfort to you and to others.

    If you have lost a loved one, Skylawn Memorial Park can relieve the stress of planning memorial services and burial or cremation so you can take care of your needs and the needs of your family. Call (650) 349-4411 or visit our website to learn more.

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    Following the passing of a loved one, coping with grief and planning funeral services can seem insurmountable. But with compassionate assistance and information, you can deal with your loss. Read these helpful resources for more information.

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