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Different Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Remembering Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

When you lose a friend or family member, there are many reminders that you might encounter which may bring up feelings of grief or sadness. Some people will try to cope with this by repressing memories, which can lead to a cycle of depression. Long after the initial grieving process, there are ways to honor your loved ones that will help you remember them happily and cope with the loss in a healthy manner. Here are some suggestions for keeping a positive memory of your loved ones.

  • Cherish Photographs
    Compiling a photo album or displaying pictures around the house will preserve the image of those whom you have lost. Pictures that capture your special moments can be a source of inspiration, rather than a solemn reminder.

  • Encourage Family Time
    Sharing stories and reminiscing about a relative who has passed on is a therapeutic way to find comfort. Families can be brought closer together through loss because they provide one another with stability and warmth.

  • Celebrate Their Lives
    Holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries can be particularly troubling after a death in the family, but these occasions don’t have to be spent in sadness. Take time to celebrate the things your loved one enjoyed the most, including his or her favorite foods, movies, and music.

  • Attend Support Groups
    Many people have suffered loss and seek the company of support groups. Talking in a safe, group-setting about your loss can be a comfort to you and to others.

If you have lost a loved one, Skylawn Memorial Park can relieve the stress of planning memorial services and burial or cremation so you can take care of your needs and the needs of your family. Call (650) 349-4411 or visit our website to learn more.

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Following the passing of a loved one, coping with grief and planning funeral services can seem insurmountable. But with compassionate assistance and information, you can deal with your loss. Read these helpful resources for more information.

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  • Find more information about the stages of grief.
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  • A memorial service isn’t the only way to pay tribute to your loved one. Here are some tips on planning a graveside ceremony.

For more information, contact Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 to schedule a consultation or for more information on our funeral, cemetery, cremation, and estate planning services. www.Skylawn.com

What You Should Know When Planning a Service

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Planning a funeral, burial, or cremation service can be difficult, but you want to ensure a beautiful and meaningful tribute to your loved one. Read more about what to consider when you are planning a service for a loved one.

  • Feel free to grieve
    Remember that the service, while an honor to the person who has passed, is often essential to easing grief. It is a time to remember your loved one, and a time to create final memories of that person that you can reflect on fondly.

  • Follow your loved one’s wishes
    If your loved one left specific wishes outlining funeral or burial service, then honor those wishes. You will not have any questions or hesitations about how your loved one would feel about the service when you follow his or her specific requests.

  • Consider input from close family and friends
    Remember that other people loved the deceased as well, and might want to have their input considered for the service. It can be hard to please everyone, but handling the situation diplomatically can go a long way. Grieving and mourning together is an important step toward healing.

  • Honor religious requests
    Don't overlook religious requests. It may be very important to have certain religious leaders present for the funeral service, such as a priest or rabbi, to lead prayers or meditations. Even if you don't share the deceased's beliefs, it’s important to consider how he or she would like to be honored.

  • Remember to observe military honors
    Make sure to include any military honors that might be due to the deceased. Flag ceremonies, gun salutes, and special music are all part of a military funeral service.

There are so many things to remember and consider while planning a memorial, funeral, or cremation service. Let the compassionate experts at Skylawn Memorial Park in San Mateo help you in your time of need. Give us a call at (650) 349-4411, or contact us online.

Tips for Coping with Grief After the Death of a Loved One

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The most difficult part of coming to terms with the death of a loved one isn't planning the funeral or burial services, but coping with the grief and sense of loss. Everyone mourns differently, but to move on with your life, you must deal with that grief. Consider these tips to help you cope with your grief after the death of a loved one.

  • Everyone grieves differently
    What works for you might not work for another person coping with the death of the same loved one. Some people are hesitant to attend the funeral service, and others find solace in visiting the grave day after day. Neither response is better than the other; each person must process their feelings in their own way.

  • Grief doesn't have a time line
    You might experience sudden waves of grief, even years after your loved one has passed. As you go through the stages of grief, some stages may linger longer than others, which is common and natural.

  • Sadness is only one aspect of grief
    It's okay to be angry. It's also okay to laugh, to smile, and to be happy for the person who has passed on. Some people feel a great sense of joy when someone who has been very ill and in pain for a long time passes away. If your loved one held strong religious beliefs or faith in an afterlife, then you can take solace in knowing that your loved one did not view passing as a final chapter.

  • Don't try to do it alone
    Grieve with people who are also coping with the loss—cry together, talk, reminisce, and share the pain with others. Lean on your friends and those close to you who aren't experiencing grief to find strength, comfort, and peace. Support groups can be beneficial option, too.

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time in any person's life, and Skylawn Memorial Park is here to help you. Located in San Mateo, our services include funeral, burial, memorial, and cremation services. Give us a call at (650) 349-4411 to speak with our compassionate staff.

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At Skylawn Memorial Park, we understand what you are going through and are here to help. Located in San Mateo, California, Skylawn offers an exceptional selection of placement options for both cremation and traditional burial. For more information, contact us online or give us a call today. (650) 349-4411

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