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How Pre-Arrangements Can Ease Your Family's Grief


Making advance funeral arrangements has become increasingly popular over the last several years. As individuals and their families continue to realize the extent of the advantages to pre-arranging a funeral, this practice only continues to grow. Check out this article to find out how making funeral pre-arrangements can ease your family’s grief while ensuring that your funeral is conducted exactly as you would like it to be.

Reduce On-the-Spot Decisions

Following the death of a loved one, most people feel unequipped to make important decisions—yet planning a funeral requires many heavy choices. By arranging your funeral in advance, you can greatly reduce the amount of difficult decision-making that your family will be faced with as they grieve and cope with their loss.

Prevent Stress

The time after a loved one’s passing tends to evoke strong emotions in those who are grieving. The stress that comes with planning a funeral can exacerbate these feelings and make the grieving process even more difficult than it already is. Help your family focus on the important task of remembering and celebrating your life by taking funeral details out of their hands.

Eliminate Uncertainty

When you die, your family will want to ensure that your wishes are carried out—but the specific details of how you would like to be laid to rest may not be an open topic of discussion with loved ones. By making funeral pre-arrangements, your family will not have to guess whether you would prefer to be buried or cremated, or where you would like your body to rest.

Relieve Financial Burden

Another way you can make life after your death more bearable for your loved ones is to pre-pay for your funeral while you are planning it. Many funeral homes allow you to finance as much or as little of your funeral as you would like in advance, so do not feel pressured to pay for all of it if you cannot afford it at the time. Remember, any amount that you can cover will ease your family’s financial burden.

If you are looking to pre-arrange your funeral in the San Mateo area, call Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411. We can provide all the information and answers you are looking for.

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Have you found our recent blog posts to be helpful or encouraging? If you are looking to find out more about what you can expect to experience while grieving the loss of a loved one or if you would like to learn more about the green burial process, then explore the following resources:

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  • Read this BuildingGreen.com article to educate yourself on the environmental impact of mixing and laying concrete for structures such as vaults.

For more information, call Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 or visit our website today.

What is a Green Burial?

Green Burial

As environmental sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue around the world, the harmful effects of many modern burial practices are being avoided by many eco-friendly individuals. In some green circles, an assumption has emerged that the only environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional burial is cremation—yet this is not the case. Read this article to discover how your desire to be buried after you have left this earth and your desire to preserve the earth can both be accommodated.

Green Burial Basics

In a green burial, all aspects of a traditional burial that are harmful to the environment are avoided. Embalming fluid, a carcinogen which leaks into the soil and kills billions of microorganisms a year, is avoided. The body is encased in a biodegradable casket or wrapped in a natural fiber shroud. An individual can even choose to be wrapped in a favorite blanket or cloth tapestry. Concrete vaults, the creation of which consumes a great deal of energy and emits carbon dioxide, are nowhere to be found in green cemeteries.

Benefits of a Green Burial

When you opt for a green burial, you can better reconnect with the earth while knowing that you are helping to preserve it, even after life ends. You and your loved ones are relieved of any guilt associated with harming the environment in the planning of your funeral.

Just a few decades ago, planning a green burial would have been extremely difficult. Yet thanks to the efforts of environmentally conscious funeral planning services, a green burial is now an accessible, viable alternative to a traditional burial.

If are looking to pre-plan a green burial for yourself or carry out an environmentally friendly funeral for a loved one, then speak with a Skylawn Memorial Park funeral director. The pristine and picturesque environment of our San Mateo memorial park, dressed with local foliage and overlooking the San Francisco Bay, is the ideal place for a lover of the earth to return to the soil. Call (650) 349-4411 to find out more about the environmentally friendly funeral services our multicultural, multilingual staff can provide.

What to Expect During the Grieving Process

Man at Peace

As humans, we are not used to thinking about what life will be like without a parent, a child, a lover, or a friend. When someone close to us leaves this earth, we are overcome by an array of emotions during the grieving process, ranging from shock to devastation.

This article addresses some common elements of grief that are not unique to any one culture and that anyone who is coping with the death of a loved one may expect to experience.

Strong and Uncontrollable Emotions
After a loved one dies, your first reaction may be one of shock and disbelief. You may even be in a state of temporary denial. These emotions often give way to feelings of guilt, anger, depression, and even hostility. It is normal for these feelings to pervade every aspect of one’s life for several days, weeks, or even months before reflection and resolution give way to acceptance and hope.

Detachment from the World
It is common for people who are grieving to feel that nobody could understand what they are going through. Because grieving the loss of a loved one is such a personal experience, this belief can be justified. However, family and friends can provide solace and empathy in your time of need, and grief counseling services can also help you to cope with your loss.

Lack of Motivation
In the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s loss, you may feel no desire to accomplish anything. Yet, it is important and necessary to take care of yourself, notify family members and friends of the death, have an obituary written, plan a funeral, and make burial or cremation arrangements.

If you are coping with the loss of a loved one while making end-of-life service arrangements in San Mateo, turn to Skylawn Memorial Park. Staffed by a multilingual team of compassionate individuals, we can help you make the necessary funeral preparations. Call (650) 349-4411 for more information or to speak with a funeral director.

Funeral Advice - Android App

Hand holding a smartphone.

In the wake of a loved one’s loss, it can be difficult to concentrate on anything. Still, it is during this time that close relatives of a loved one must muster up the energy and motivation to plan a funeral.

The helpful Funeral Advice app can make the funeral planning process less stressful by providing grieving individuals with a step-by-step guide for laying a loved one to rest. Download this app for free professional advice, written by experienced funeral home directors, that will help you cope with your loss and plan the funeral your loved one would have wanted.

Are you looking for an idyllic San Mateo setting in which to lay your loved one to rest? If so, then call Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 to speak with an experienced and compassionate member of our staff.

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