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How Grief Affects Your Physical Health

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As many people realize, their grief doesn't end following the funeral service after losing a friend or loved one. If someone close to you recently passed on, then the emotions that you will experience during this time can significantly impact your life. Continue reading to learn how grief can affect your physical health.

Extreme Fatigue
Among the most common symptoms that people report while they are grieving is exhaustion. It's not unusual for people to struggle with insomnia and to feel so tired that everyday tasks feel like a challenge, and the tiredness that they experience can lead them to feel weak and fragile. The fatigue that you may experience while you grieve can make it challenging to stick to your normal routine of activities like preparing healthy meals and getting daily exercise.

Abdominal Pain
Many people describe what they are feeling after losing a loved one as heartache, but true physical pain is not uncommon. The brain's site for emotional pain recognition is located near the part that interprets sensations like pain from the abdominal organs. Because of this, emotional suffering can lead the brain to release neurochemicals that can cause you to experience pain in your chest and abdomen. Additionally, the chemicals that make you feel good, norepinephrine and serotonin, are abnormally low in the brains of grieving individuals.

Heart Health
The feelings of heartbreak that people report are significant in another way because the stress hormones that are associated with grief can lead to cardiac problems. Acute stress can cause cardiomyopathy, and research has shown that the incidences of acute heart attack increase drastically during the first 24 hours following the loss of a loved one, with the rates gradually dropping each subsequent day.

At Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, we offer online grief counseling in San Mateo to help your work through your emotions after the loss of a loved one. If you would like to learn more about our grief support or funeral services, then please give us a call today at (650) 349-4411.

How to Write a Note of Condolence

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Have you been invited to attend a funeral service for someone who had passed away? If so, then you may have questions about how to show your sympathy toward the family. One common and appreciated method is to send a condolence letter.

First, be aware that a note of condolence should be sent promptly and that if you are planning to attend the funeral ceremony, it is acceptable to leave the letter in the collection box or basket. When composing the note, handwrite it on a piece of stationary, if possible. Also, try to write in your own voice and be sure to acknowledge the loss and use the deceased's name. Then, express your sympathy, mention any of the deceased's qualities, and include a favorite memory. Finally, remind the surviving family member of his or her own strengths and offer to help in a specific way before ending the note with a thoughtful expression of sympathy.

If you have more questions about etiquette for funeral services, then please take advantage of the resources provided by Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park. For information about our funeral home in San Mateo, call us today at (650) 349-4411.

Advice for Supporting Grieving Kids

Are you in the process of arranging funeral services for someone with young kids or grandkids? If so, then you may be wondering what you can do to help children who were close to the deceased. Watch this video for advice on supporting grieving kids.

Following a death in the family, you want to provide comfort for the children while remaining open about what has occurred. To do this, answer their questions honestly while using clear words, rather than euphemisms.

Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park offers grief support resources and unique funeral services. To learn more about our funeral home in San Mateo, please call us today at (650) 349-4411.

How to Choose Music for a Funeral

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Are you organizing funeral services for a family member that has passed on? If so, then continue reading for tips on choosing the right music for the occasion.

Consider the Deceased's Preferences
When selecting music for a funeral, many people factor in the preferences of the deceased. Think about his favorite songs and artists, as well as what musical genres he preferred. This step should make it easier to settle on something that is appropriate and that your deceased loved one would have wanted to be played at his funeral. As you think about his musical preferences, keep in mind that music for a funeral is typically chosen to either convey feelings about the deceased, express religious beliefs regarding death and what comes after, or commemorate the deceased's life and personality.

Consider a Live Performance
Did the deceased have any friends or family members who sing or play an instrument? If so, then consider reaching out to the person about performing at the funeral service. A live performance of an appropriate song can lend beauty, elegance, and a more personal touch to the occasion.

Reach Out to Experts
If you're in the process of selecting music for a religious ceremony, then you can benefit from speaking with a member of the clergy to learn if there are any rules which relate to what music can be played at a funeral service. Also, if you have some songs in mind, these individuals can help you determine if your selections are appropriate. If you're still unable to settle on an option, then reach out to the funeral home where the service will be held and ask which songs they recommend or if they have a selection of music that you can choose from.

At Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, we offer unique funeral ceremonies and memorialization options so you can celebrate the life of your deceased loved one in the way that they would have wanted. To learn more about our cemetery, grief support, or funeral services in San Mateo, please give us a call today at (650) 349-4411.

What to Do When a Friend Is Grieving

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The loss of a loved one can be traumatic and make daily life feel like a challenge. If you have a friend that recently attended a funeral service for a loved one, then there are several things that you can do to support her while she is grieving.

Allow Her to Grieve
One of the most important things to understand when it comes to dealing with the loss is that there is no right way to grieve. Also, the stages of grief are often unpredictable and can cause a person to experience a rollercoaster of feelings. For this reason, you should avoid telling your friend what she should or shouldn't be experiencing or doing as she works through her pain and emotions.

Be Ready to Listen
When it comes to supporting a grieving loved one, being able to listen with compassion is one of the best things that you can do for her during this painful time. To do this, acknowledge your friend's loss, express your concern, and listen without judgment. Be genuine in your communication and do not hide your feelings, but refrain from comparing what your friend is going through to a loss that you experienced in the past. Finally, do not hesitate to ask your friend about what she is feeling and what you can do to help.

Offer Her Your Support
When someone is grieving, simple chores can be a struggle or left forgotten. To help your friend while she grieves, offer her practical assistance by doing things like preparing meals, taking out the trash, or cleaning the dishes. Also, providing child care, running errands, and performing similar tasks are excellent ways to support your grieving friend.

Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park specializes in creating healing experiences in the community and in addition to our cremation and funeral services, we offer online grief counseling in San Mateo. To learn more, please give us a call today at (650) 349-4411.

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